Diamonds of Africa
Shining Light Awards 1990 for excellence in Diamond Jewellery Design


"Diamonds of Africa" has a long pedigree in the Cape Town Jewellery Industry. Peter Winhall, in partnership with Darryl Holmes, originally established a consultant gemmologist and valuator business in 1981. The earlier consultation work covered gem identification and valuations, including the valuation of State Treasures and gifts given to former South African Presidents.

Having handled so much jewellery from the valuation side, it became evident that many pieces needed to be re-designed, and this led to the development of what was to become one of South Africa's top goldsmithing businesses with a string of successes.
Anneline Kriel

 Anneline Kriel "Miss Universe"

Peter Winhall with Nicky Oppenheimer

Peter Winhall with Nicky Oppenheimer, his sister, Mary Slack and Meagan.

Peter Winhall winning the Shining Light Awards

Peter Winhall and Ridaah receiving further awards from Minister Maduna

It began in 1993 when our designer, Meagan Lampe walked off with two first places and a merit award in the three categories of the De Beers Diamonds Today competition, a truly remarkable achievement! The organisation continued with this success and won a further 6 De Beers Shining Light Awards in the 1990's, "for Excellence in Diamond Jewellery Design."

Although we have now moved on, concentrating on customer jewellery rather than competition pieces, goldsmith, Ridaah, who handcrafted nearly all these award-winning pieces, still remains Diamonds of Africa's top goldsmith. In 1989 "Diamond World" was developed in the Central City, as a specialist diamond jewellery outlet, and a few years later a small Diamond Cutting Works was added to the shop. Six years later Sean de Stadler joined the business. After 10 years of working together, Peter and Sean decided to move out of the City Centre to the V+A Waterfront which they believe is their perfect locality. Although their Organisation is still Diamond World, their prestigious shop now trades as "Diamonds of Africa".